Egerton Partners' mission is simple:  it is to find the best financing for you, or your client. 

We build lasting relationships of trust. This deep understanding of your needs combined with our specialist knowledge leads to swift delivery of the best borrowing solution.

Egerton Partners' clients include private individuals, trading businesses and property holding entities including companies, trusts and funds. 

Our business grows by ensuring that you or your business get the most suitable loan at the best price and therefore happily recommend Egerton Partners. In addition to clients referred to us by existing or past clients, many others are referred by professional advisers. These advisers recognise our expertise in dealing with large or complex situations quickly and our professionalism and commitment in handling them. We work closely with our clients and their advisers to build fruitful and long term relationships. Egerton Partners is committed to excellent client advice and service.

We cover a wide range of borrowing requirements reflecting the diverse and demanding needs of our clients.  These may be for unsecured or secured borrowings. Where security is offered, it can range from conventional property and readily marketable assets to illiquid or difficult to value assets. 

Our wealth of experience is complemented by our excellent contacts with High Street lenders, leading private banks, investment banks, and specialist lenders and finance houses. This ensures that we secure the most optimal financing for your needs, from the most appropriate lending institution.

The most important action that you can take when considering borrowing is to discuss it with us at an early stage.

So if you are considering borrowing for whatever reason, ring 020 7792 4682 to discuss your options.

We look forward to working with you.

Chris Fleming-Brown 

Egerton Partners



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